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We may at times worry that the hope of eternity and the second coming of Christ are an illusion. Concern that our expectations may or may not be fulfilled makes the joy of our Christian experience fragile. However, the Christian’s hope is a certainty made possible through trust in God and confidence in His Word and His promises. We enthusiastically and courageously cling to Jesus’ pledge: “Surely I am coming quickly” (Revelation 22:20), and our hope rests on an “anchor . . . , both sure and steadfast” (Hebrews 6:19), protecting us from storms and preventing us from living a life adrift—without direction and without purpose.

Our certainty is affirmed because the One who made the promise is alive and working on our behalf so that you and I can live forever. The Bible says that our hope is alive because our risen Savior is alive. It assures us that we are reborn by this hope of an eternal inheritance. Even though we now suffer trials and tribulations, we are confident that the end of this difficult path is salvation (1 Peter 1:3–9).

The story of Israel

The history of Israel reveals our urgent need to strengthen our faith in God. The apostle Paul reminds us that the ancient Israelites, too, had the sure promise of a new earth. But it was useless. They did not have faith. They did not believe God’s promises, so they died without receiving God’s gift (see Hebrews 4:1–11). We must make sure that is not our experience and that we do not get off track. Now is the time to believe and enjoy a life of hope in Christ and His soon return.

If you have not received Christ as your Savior, it is in your best interest to invite Him into your heart so you can enjoy His divine presence, the gifts of His Spirit and eternal life.

Two alternatives

It is important to ask ourselves right now, what are the possible outcomes if I decide not to trust God? If I allow doubt in my mind and choose not to rest in the hope of the second coming of Christ, what are my options for today and for the future? The answer is terrifying. Other than Christ and eternity, there is nothing encouraging, nothing exciting, nothing permanent, nothing worth fighting for. Life becomes fruitless, tasteless, and very short. The prospect is depressing.

Thanks be to our God for the blessed hope that helps us face the troubles of daily life with faith and assurance that we will see Jesus very soon and we will enjoy eternity with Him. We should encourage one another and affirm ourselves in the Lord and in His Word, and make Him sovereign in our life.

Let us wake up each day and immediately say with confidence, “One more day to prepare. Lord, help me to take advantage of it.” As we prepare to rest each night, we should say, “One less day until we see Jesus’ face and embrace Him.”

Christ is coming soon! Let us believe and find our hope in Him!


We can trust in God’s love and power displayed in our favor; in Christ’s perfect righteousness, necessary in order for God to accept us as His children; and in the promises of the Bible. And although we live with trials, shaken by temptation, struggling with defects and fears, we can face the present and the future with faith and hope.

The author has a master’s degree in pastoral theology and is an international speaker. He writes from Burleson, Texas.

Hope … Not Illusion

por Osvaldo Rigacci
Tomado de El Centinela®
de Septiembre 2021